Friday, 24 June 2011

Of children, calendars, and air conditioning


Over 60 students of the Ukrainian-English Bilingual Program of Springfield Heights School visited Oseredok this morning. They viewed the Baba’s Trunk exhibit, and learned about the kind of items that would have been brought in a trunk or suitcase by various waves of immigrants from Ukraine.
The youngest children made up their own “trunk”, filling it with all the things that they thought would be necessary for a journey away from home, and necessary to maintain identity – rushnyky, Sunday-best shirts and blouses, vests, a Kobzar, and others (game console, stuffed animals, and favourite blanket, too!)

Springfield Heights students making their own скриня

The oldest children patiently learned the art of gerdany – sort of! They worked with seed beads to create a friendship ring or bracelet, using the materials and weaving principles of making gerdany.

Tetyana Hawaleshka shows the fine art of making gerdany-like rings and bracelets
Was a good time had by all? You bet!
Thank you to the staff of Springfield Heights School for bringing the children to Oseredok annually to discover more about their heritage, and to have fun, too!


The air conditioning unit came back today! There’s still a handful of detailed jobs to finish before the project is complete, not the least of which is the re-booting of the air conditioning system itself! With the prairie summer in full heat, it can’t happen soon enough!

A bird's-eye view of the air conditioning unit being hoisted atop the Oseredok building


Some have pointed out a calendular conundrum in our current Pot of Gold raffle, which is taking place July 23, 2011, but is called the “Canada Day Pot of Gold Raffle” (Canada Day falls on July 1 of every year!).
We say – every day is Canada Day!
Others could say – it’s Canada day according to the old calendar!
Whichever the theory – the Pot of Gold raffle can definitely make you $1000.00 richer on July 23! Make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible!
But really, now…according to the new calendar - it’s Ivana Kupala!

Tickets are still available for Oseredok's Martinis & Manicures fundraiser July 21, 2011 at 6 Degrees Martini Bar and Wine Lounge! $25 gets you a martini, a manicure, and a great evening out!

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