Friday, 22 March 2013


Although it may not seem like it when you look out your Manitoba window onto the piles and piles of blazingly bright, deep is SPRING!
And SPRING FAIR has begun!

Visit us today, Friday, March 22nd and Saturday, March 23rd! It's sure to be a wonderful way to re-set your mind from winter to spring!
Get a little something for your spring wardrobe - a new piece of artisan jewellery, a handmade leather bag, an embroidered hoodie, or a nice, new embroidered blouse! Get something for your home - embroidery for your table, a new work of art for your walls, colourful ceramic tiles to brighten up your kitchen, art ceramics for a special nook!
But most of all....choose from the largest selection of pysanky we've ever assembled....traditional pysanky and etched pysanky written on pullet, chicken, goose, and ostrich eggs! Extraordinary pysanky by Oksana Bilous of Kyiv, Tetiana Konoval of Luhansk, Iris Ewankevich of Vita, and many others!
We have beaded wooden pysanky, stone eggs, egg-shaped beeswax candles, and the latest thing for your Easter basket - pysanky on a stick to insert into your babka or paska, or use in a flower arrangement!

We're open Friday, March 22 until 8:00 pm! Saturday, March 23 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm!

Refreshments will be available! And remember, members of Oseredok will receive a discount of 15% during Spring Fair. (Discount does not apply to food items)

184 Alexander Avenue East, Winnipeg

Friday, 15 March 2013


Over the past few days Oseredok's front entrance was transformed! The old, wooden slab front doors were replaced with new, full glass doors! As you can see, the transformation is amazing - not only does the foyer receive significantly more light, but the front entrance to Oseredok now looks most welcoming!

Old exterior doors
NEW exterior doors!

Old interior doors
NEW interior doors!
 You're all invited to drop by, and test the new doors for yourself!

Friday, March 22 from 10am to 8pm
Saturday, March 23 from 10am to 4pm

This year's SPRING FAIR brings you the finest selection of pysanky ever, new jewellery, and great ideas to freshen up your home for spring!

Featuring works by some of the world's leading pysanky writers - Tetyana Konoval, Halyna Kovalenko, Oksana Bilous, Halyna Badulak and others!

Pullet, chicken, goose, and ostrich...written, etched, carved, beaded, and wooden! You're sure to find the perfect pysanka for your basket or for your collection! But come early for the best selection!

PLUS! Pysanka cookies from KrysynasKitschN, new artisan jewellery by PattyMKiw, Maryka, and Christina, pysanka pandora beads, pendants made with pysanka shells, pysanka ceramicware by Victoria Ceramics, and vibrant new artwork by Victoria Kovaleva!

Join us Friday, March 22 from 10 am to 8 pm, and Saturday, March 23 from 10 am to 4 pm! Bring your friends and family! (They can all test the new doors!) Enjoy refreshments! And remember, Oseredok members will receive a 15% discount on all items purchased during Spring Fair!

Coral, sterling silver ring
Sterling silver and enamel pandora bead

Victoria Kovaleva, acrylic
Victoria Kovaleva, acrylic

JUST IN! Sterling silver Plast emblem pendants!

Don't forget to bring your pennies when you come try the new front doors at Oseredok. We're collecting "Pennies for Our Future"! All pennies collected in our special collection vase are earmarked for the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Foundation!

Friday, 1 March 2013


Until April 16, 2013

Every year individuals and community organizations help Oseredok fulfill its mandate to collect and preserve items of Ukrainian heritage by gifting their treasures to our institution. Oseredok is grateful for these donations and is sharing some of them with the public!

Recent Gifts to the Collections is an eclectic selection of works of art, artifacts and archival material. Among them are two tapestries designed by William Kurelek, works by Myron Levytsky, Leo Mol and other artists, photographs, posters, and kylymy.

Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.
184 Alexander Ave. East, Winnipeg

Etched Pysanka Workshop
Saturday, March 9, 2013   2 to 4 pm

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a new pysanky writing technique, that involves treating the egg with acid to give it a three-dimensional "etched" effect.

This workshop is intended for those who have already mastered the traditional wax-resist method of pysanky writing.

Register today! Call 204-942-0218 to register by phone, or email us at


...And that means we're uncrating boxes from as far away as Kyiv in preparation for our annual Spring Fair!
This year we're offering the largest selection of traditional and art pysanky by such master pysanky writers as Halyna Badulak, Oksana Bilous, Tetyana Konoval, and Halyna Kovalenko!

Etched ostrich pysanka,
Oksana Bilous
Halyna Kovalenko
We'll have pysanky cookies, pysanky pendants, pendants on pysanky shells, and everything you may need for Easter, including embroidered basket covers!

Pysanka Cookies from
Pysanky pendants.
Sterling silver, enamel,
Swarovski crystals
Freshen up for spring with new artisan jewellery, artworks for your home of office, and curios of every kind!
And don't forget! Oseredok Boutique is your one-stop pysanka writing supply shop - we have dyes, writing tools - kistky, wax, and books to inspire you!