Friday, 5 August 2011

Of happy nails, happy winners, and "getting your Ukrainian on"!

A BIG HIT with Martinis and Manicures!

With tickets sold out well in advance, Oseredok's Martinis and Manicures fundraiser July 21st at Boa Lounge in Winnipeg was a huge success! After all, where else would you be able to get a manicure, have a martini (or two), spend significant chat-time with  girlfriends, and shop for beautiful jewellery?
Congratulations, and "thank you" to the organizers and volunteers who made this a special evening!
See you at the next one!

Happiness is a pot of gold...

After making all those women happy at the Martini and Manicure event, Oseredok went on to make 31 people even happier, with the Pot of Gold Raffle!
President of the Board of Directors Christina Semaniuk, Executive Director Sophia Kachor, Executive Assistant Bohdana Bashuk, Nadia Kmet, and a representative of the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission officiated over the draw.
We thank everyone for supporting Oseredok by purchasing tickets, and congratulate all our winners:

1st ticket - $100 - K. Haluk
10th ticket - $25 - S. Granczar
20th ticket - $50 - H. Garrity
30th ticket - $25 - P. Minsky
40th ticket - $100 - H. Kuzia
50th ticket - $100 - P. Tymkiw
60th ticket - $25 - B. Petrynko
70th ticket - $50 - M. & M. Kowalchuk
80th ticket - $25 - L. Ormel
90th ticket - $25 - I. Rezansoff
100th ticket - $200 - O. Bugera
110th ticket - $50 - D. Puhach
120th ticket - $50 - J. Semerak
130th ticket - $100 - R. Jaworsky
140th ticket - $50 - W. Karlicki
150th ticket - $100 - E. Holinaty
160th ticket - $25 - Ukrainian Women's Association - Kenora
170th ticket - $50 - G. Chuchman
180th ticket - $25 - K. Haluk
190th ticket - $50 - F. Gregg
200th ticket - $150 - A. Hawaleshka
210th ticket - $50 - N. Hutsulak
220th ticket - $50 - R. Hunter
230th ticket - $100 - W. & L. Skromeda
240th ticket - $50 - R. Kotak
250th ticket - $100 - L. Tymchyshyn
260th ticket - $50 - Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood - Winnipeg
270th ticket - $50 - B. & J. Galarnyk
280th ticket - $100 - R. Paley
290th ticket - $50 - A. Craig
300th ticket - $1000 - N. Kostyshyn-Bailey

A blue and yellow Woodstock....

...and immediately on the heels of our Pot of Gold draw, Oseredok Boutique went into high gear, loading up the wagons for the annual trek to that Ukrainian festival of festivals, that uniquely Ukrainian Woodstock - Canada's National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, Manitoba!
To say it was "fun" is an understatement! Oseredok's "дівчата" - Bohdana, Pat, Linda, Michelle, and Michelle's little hedgehog "Epic" -  spent three days shmoozing, dancing (mostly to Oleh Skrypka's version of  "Ти з любови собі не жартуй"), singing, and, of course, selling wonderful embroidery, caps, t-shirts, and jewellery to festival-goers from across Canada (well, mostly from the prairie provinces...some from Ontario...and even a Crimean Tatar from Weyburn, Saskatchewan!).
A great big "Дякую, дівчата"!

Pat Tymkiw and Linda Hunter at the Oseredok Boutique Kiosk

Get your Ukrainian on!

The festival season in Winnipeg is still going strong during Folklorama! So it's time to "get your Ukrainian on" with a new traditional embroidered blouse or shirt, contemporary embroidered tops, and embroidered t-shirts, hoodies, and Trypyllian caps!


PLUS! Oseredok Boutique just received in stock a book that would make Martha Stewart green with envy!
UKRAINIAN STYLE - by Linda Wicklund and Alecia Stevens celebrates village life and brings it home!
The book is filled with beautiful interior design and culinary ideas, and is a must for those interested in having their homes "put their Ukrainian on" in a contemporary/country style.

Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre and Oseredok Boutique are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and Sunday from 1 - 4pm!


Your friendly blog-meister is leaving for holidays, and will be back to fill you in on all the happenings at Oseredok at the beginning of September!