Thursday, 30 June 2011

Of celebrations, heat and fun

О КАНАДО!...120 Times

2011 marks the 120th year of Ukrainian settlement in Canada…120 reasons to celebrate Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!
Вітаємо Вас з Днем Канади!

  A warm welcome to our summer staff!

We are pleased to announce that Tara and Ivanna have joined Oseredok’s staff for the summer months – July and August. They will be happy to help you with your inquiries, and your purchases in the Boutique!

The heat is on! The air conditioning is off!

Winnipeg is experiencing its first sizzling hot and humid prairie summer days. And although the air conditioning unit is back up on the roof, it isn’t connected yet.
Staff is managing with cool drinks, breeze breaks (standing outside for a minute or two), and lots of good humour!
We hope to have the unit running  later this evening!

Summer Sundays

Oseredok will be open Sundays from 1 – 4pm in July and August, starting this Sunday, July 3, 2011! Spend a Sunday afternoon viewing the Baba’s Trunk exhibition, or browsing through the Boutique!

Avoid a manicure faux pas!

Get your tickets for Oseredok’s Martinis and Manicures fundraiser, happening Thursday, July 21 at 6 Degrees Martini Bar and Wine Lounge in Winnipeg. Get your friends together for a professional manicure, a martini, and a great evening out!
There will be a raffle of fabulous spa products, and a jewellery sale featuring the newest bling from Scythian Etnika and Silver Sensations Jewelry!

Tickets are only $25, and can be purchased at Oseredok. Call 942-0218 to purchase by credit card.

Win a $1000 Pot of Gold…

….well, not exactly a POT of gold. But you could be the lucky $1000 winner in our Pot of Gold raffle. Tickets are $20 each, with only 300 tickets printed.
Every 10th ticket is a winner, with prizes ranging from $25 to $1000!
Get your tickets by calling 942-0218, or drop by Oseredok at 184 Alexander Ave. East.
Raffle takes place July 23, 2011.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Of children, calendars, and air conditioning


Over 60 students of the Ukrainian-English Bilingual Program of Springfield Heights School visited Oseredok this morning. They viewed the Baba’s Trunk exhibit, and learned about the kind of items that would have been brought in a trunk or suitcase by various waves of immigrants from Ukraine.
The youngest children made up their own “trunk”, filling it with all the things that they thought would be necessary for a journey away from home, and necessary to maintain identity – rushnyky, Sunday-best shirts and blouses, vests, a Kobzar, and others (game console, stuffed animals, and favourite blanket, too!)

Springfield Heights students making their own скриня

The oldest children patiently learned the art of gerdany – sort of! They worked with seed beads to create a friendship ring or bracelet, using the materials and weaving principles of making gerdany.

Tetyana Hawaleshka shows the fine art of making gerdany-like rings and bracelets
Was a good time had by all? You bet!
Thank you to the staff of Springfield Heights School for bringing the children to Oseredok annually to discover more about their heritage, and to have fun, too!


The air conditioning unit came back today! There’s still a handful of detailed jobs to finish before the project is complete, not the least of which is the re-booting of the air conditioning system itself! With the prairie summer in full heat, it can’t happen soon enough!

A bird's-eye view of the air conditioning unit being hoisted atop the Oseredok building


Some have pointed out a calendular conundrum in our current Pot of Gold raffle, which is taking place July 23, 2011, but is called the “Canada Day Pot of Gold Raffle” (Canada Day falls on July 1 of every year!).
We say – every day is Canada Day!
Others could say – it’s Canada day according to the old calendar!
Whichever the theory – the Pot of Gold raffle can definitely make you $1000.00 richer on July 23! Make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible!
But really, now…according to the new calendar - it’s Ivana Kupala!

Tickets are still available for Oseredok's Martinis & Manicures fundraiser July 21, 2011 at 6 Degrees Martini Bar and Wine Lounge! $25 gets you a martini, a manicure, and a great evening out!

Friday, 17 June 2011



Although in hot competition with the Stanley Cup Final, the Annual General Meeting of Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre took place Wednesday, June 15. Members and guests attending the Meeting heard a variety of reports, including those of the outgoing President  Nadya Kostyshyn-Bailey, Executive Director Sophia Kachor, and the external auditor.

A special “Thank you”, and gift of a Leo Mol reproduction, was given to Don Puhach, who completed 9 years of service on the Board of Directors.

Don Puhach and Nadya Kostyshyn-Bailey

Oseredok congratulates and welcomes its new Board of Directors:

Christina Semaniuk, President
Nadya Kostyshyn-Bailey, Vice-President
Martha Chuchman, Secretary
Irka Semaniuk, Treasurer
Katrusia Basarab
Rt.Rev. Msgr. Michael Buyachok
Linda Hunter
Roman Jaworsky
Anna Rusnak
Roxanne Klymkiw-Taylor
Irena Waplak

AGM Chair Oksana Shulakewych addresses the Meeting


Oseredok Boutique is offering a great deal on newly arrived embroidered 100% linen blouses and tunic blouses!
This Saturday ONLY, June 18th get $30 off the regular price!
The blouses are available in  beautiful and exclusive embroidered patterns and sizes. Choose from long-sleeved tunic blouses, sleeveless tunics, or sleeveless short blouses! Sizes range from M to XXL.
GIFT IDEAS for FATHER’S DAY – from traditional embroidered shirts (cotton or linen) to embroidered t-shirts! PLUS! Games, card games, amber cufflinks, tryzub-embossed business card holders and pens, books, and Yul Brynner as Taras Bulba!
(P.S. A Pot of Gold raffle tickets makes a great Father’s Day gift, too!)


Roof replacement took a bit of a nose-dive early in the week, due to rain. However, in-between those cloudy days, the workers were able to complete most  of the job. All that remains is the cladding, the return of the air conditioning unit, and it will be better than new!
(Maintenance looks forward to the return of all its pails and protective plastic sheeting from the fifth floor!)

Today's new Ukrainian word is "лак". No, it doesn't mean "lack"....although some might think a lack of "лак" is unsightly. "Лак" - nailpolish! Please use copiously on July 21*

Tickets are hot, hot, hot for Oseredok's Martinis & Manicures fundraiser! Only $25 gets you a manicure and a martini, and a great evening out Thursday, July 21, 2011 from 5:30 - 9:30pm at 6 Degrees Martini Bar & Wine Lounge, Winnipeg!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Annual General Meeting and other fun things!


If you are a card-carrying member of Oseredok, make sure to attend Oseredok’s Annual General meeting, which will take place next Wednesday, June 15 starting at 6:30pm.
In advance of the meeting, Oseredok staff is busy making sure everyone receives the Annual Report and Agenda by mail. Do make sure to open up your package when it arrives, as it contains other goodies as well – an invitation to our Martinis and Manicures fundraiser, and your 2011 Pot of Gold raffle ticket form!


Tickets are available now for Oseredok’s MARTINIS & MANICURES fundraiser
Thursday, July 21 from 5:30 to 9:30pm at 6 Degrees Martini Bar and Wine Lounge, 110 Market Avenue in Winnipeg.
For only $25 you get a professional manicure and a martini! PLUS! You’ll have a chance to win some fabulous prizes, or buy some beautiful new summer jewellery!
Get your tickets soon!


You could be $1000 richer this summer! Only 300 tickets have been printed for this annual raffle. Each entry into the Raffle will be drawn, with prizes ranging from $25 to $200 awarded to the first ticket drawn, the tenth ticket, and every tenth ticket, until the final ticket drawn, which is worth $1000!
Check your Annual Report mailing for your order form, or call (204) 942-0218! Draw takes place July 23, 2011!


The Boutique has some great ideas for Father’s Day (June 19), graduations, recitals, and weddings!
New stock is on its way – brand new tryzub pendants, new fashionable embroidered tunics and blouses for summer, and much more!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Of water and books


With a watermain break forcing the shut off of our water supply all day last Friday, it was touch and go whether we’d be able to keep our doors open during Doors Open Winnipeg the next day! But in the eleventh hour – around 10:30 pm the city completed its repairs, and we were good to go!

Many Winnipegers who had never passed through our doors visited Oseredok
on Saturday May 28th taking in the new Baba’s Trunk exhibition and spending some time looking through the building. Thanks to all who came!


Meanwhile, the sun in Winnipeg, with its one-day-on, one-day-off agenda, wreaked havoc on the roof repair schedule.  We have to hand it to the roofing crew, however – every moment that the sun shines, they are here doing their work!


Oseredok Boutique received some gorgeous publications from Rodovid Press of Kyiv. Two books are highly recommended – Kateryna Bilokur, biography, essays, and reproductions and  Invitation to a Wedding, a beautifully illustrated history of the rites and rituals of Ukrainian weddings!


Don’t forget to get your tickets to Oseredok’s fundraiser – MARTINIS AND MANICURES July 21, 2011 at 6Degrees Martini Bar & Wine Lounge in Winnipeg.
We’re also selling tickets to the Melos Ensemble Concert June 17 at Jubilee Place Auditorium.

Call (204) 942-0218 or drop in at 184 Alexander Avenue East. We're open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.